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Coconut Shell Chips

Coconut Shell Chips
Coconut Shell Chips

Coconut Shell Chips is being obtained after Copra Kernels have been scouped out from the Coconut, Crushed to Desired Size and Processed. We are leading supplier of Coconut Shell Chips from India and are exporters from India. We offer Coconut shell Chips with low ash, high calorific value with low moisture, dust free, without husk.

Our Coconut Shell Chips finds varied uses in the following Industries,

1.Coconut Shell Powder Manufacturing Industries
2.Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturing Industries
3.Activated Carbon Manufacturing Industries
4.Coconut Shell Button Manufacturers
5.For Construction Industry
6.As Bio-mass for Electricity Generation
7.For Heating Application in Boilers


  These are sun dried without using any chemical, thereby ensure the authenticity of Coconut Shell. We have a very feasible price range which does not mean we compromise with the quality of our products by any means.

Container Loading Capacity

Coconut Shells Chips

1 x 20’ FCL = 8 MT (400 Kg PP Jumbo bag)

20 Jumbo Bags/Container

1 x 40’ FCL = 16 MT (500 Kg PP Jumbo bag)

40 Jumbo Bags/Container

Note : Buyer required packing's are also done at our end.

Coconut Shell Chips in Jumbo bags
Coconut Shell Chips in Jumbo bags