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Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut Shell Powder
Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut Shell Powder (or) flour is made from coconut shells and is used as afiller in the manufacturing of thermoset moulding powders like bakelite, synthetic resin glues or phenol formaldehyde. Mesh size of 80-100 is suitable for thermoset moulding powder whereas for synthetic resin glues, the size has to be around 230-240 mesh. Product provides substantial value-addition as normally shells are either thrown away or used as a fuel. Coconut shell Powder is mainly used as filler and thus it is an industrial product. It is used in the manufacture of thermoset moulding powders such as phenol formaldehyde moulding powder or bakelite and synthetic resin glues. Powder of different particle size is required for different end-uses. Yet another favorable aspect of Coconut Shell Powder is that it is a comparatively cheaper filler and hence preferred for many applications.

Production :
Dry Matured coconut shells are the input for making Coconut Shell Powder. Coconut shells are cleaned and broken manually into small pieces and then fed into Ball Mills. Powder obtained from Ball Mills is fed into Sieving machine to have required mesh size. Rejects from the dresser are recycled. Efficient Crushing and screening are critical aspects

Used In :
  • Plywood and laminated board industry as a phenolic extruder
  • Filling in synthetic resin glues,mosquito coils and agarbarties.
  • Preferred over other alternative materials available such as bark powder, furfurol and peanut shell powder due to its uniformity in quality and chemical composition,better prospects in respect to water absorption and resistance to fungal attack.

Packing :

Container Loading Capacity

Coconut Shell Powder

1 x 20’ FCL = 11 MT (50 Kg PP or Gunny packaging)

1 x 40’ FCL = 21 MT (50 Kg PP or Gunny packaging)

Country/Place of Origin : Pollachi/Cochin/Kangayam, INDIA

Coconut Shell Powder